Welcome to Paige of Satoshi Nishino's incomprehensible hobby! Welcome to Paige of Satoshi Nishino's incomprehensible hobby! Welcome to Paige of Satoshi Nishino's incomprehensible hobby! Welcome to Paige of Satoshi Nishino's incomprehensible hobby!

Welcome to Paige of Satoshi Nishino's incomprehensible hobby!


Favorite Mt.Fuji

Was I Satoshi Nishino whom you are looking for? I'm sorry when it is different Satoshi Nishino.
Although I was going to make the site about Satoshi Nishino's hobby at first, while I have chosen contents, I am Satoshi Nishino's archive. But it is OK in it.
When you who became acquainted after becoming you who associated with Satoshi Nishino and school days, and a member of society, and its you search Satoshi Nishino, I am glad, if this site finds it fortunately, present Satoshi Nishino is got to know and you think that it is nostalgic. Contents are increased from now on. Satoshi Nishino whom you do not know may appear and you may appear.
Since disclosure of personal information is severe, even if it publishes a photograph, an individual's specification takes care difficult these days, but if you wish deletion of your information, contact me to Satoshi Nishino by e-mail etc.

Mt.Fuji of a title picture does not have what meaning. However, you are only looking at Mt.Fuji, are you grand and doesn't the heart settle down? Although "an evening primrose's suiting Mt.Fuji well" and Osamu Dazai are writing into "Fugaku hyakkei (A Hundred Views of Mt.Fuji)", don't you think that too white snow matches well in Mt.Fuji?

Recommendations [Jimbounist]

Kanda Jinbocho

Even if I call it a Jimbounist, you do not understand a meaning somehow. It is Jimbou of Kanda Jinbocho.NIST is a person. I went to Meiji University to hear the commerce-and-industry meeting-sponsored talk show of Chiyoda-ku, and received the problem for becoming a Jimbounist.
Once the applicants are certified to it, gave me business cards made up of cultural ambassador Jimbocho-book town. I have to introduce the certification issue.Also, I will continue to also introduced about the Jimbocho.

Recommendations [Tsukiji Fish Market]

Tsukiji Fish Market

Before the Great Kanto Earthquake, when the grandfather had Uogashi in present Nihonbashi, he starts business, and I am the third generation. I left and inherited the Kimura paper business which the father of the second generation became an illness 1983 and had been indebted. However, its business is given up now.
It is often called 3K. 3K is a tough, dirty, it is dangerous. Fish market is a 5K. You add to the scary and smell 3K. Do you know a movie called third generation Tsukiji Fish Market? Did you see? Fish market, but some say it is good spirited, lively, that movie is it is overkill. That is a mere fool in the population of.
But it is not a mistake.( ̄∇ ̄)ノ This category is also under work now, so please already wait for a while.

Recommendations [Baseball]


In 1977, I found a job at Kimura paper business incorporated company which graduates from a university and is located in Asakusabashi. Introduction of Mr. Suzuki had been the work of delivery there, I went into the Victory of the League of baseball youth international, 30 years, until the month from April to November, four games to one month, the baseball with their peers We do.
If my old friend and an old acquaintance look at this site, do you think, "Is Nishino still doing baseball?"? I was told and do it well to golf era Kimura, devoted baseball, but still end up doing. \(^○^)/

Recommendations [Photograph collection]

Photograph collection

I have posted all the photos from birth Satoshi Nishino. Family, friends, acquaintances -- you are also surely published.
But since a face and a name are in agreement in a photograph title etc., a password is required severe these days of personal information to take a look.
Please ask an inquiry of a password by e-mail.

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